Why Fulfil Responsibilities, Nianfo & Do Good? 为何尽本分,念佛与行善?


‘[Of] human life in [this] world, [it] must not [be to] do [and] accomplish nothing. [One should] only personally fulfil [one’s] relationships [and] fulfil [one’s] part [responsibly], never [to], of [that] outside [of one’s] relationships and part, have some covetousness. 


[As] officers, [scholars], farmers, workers, business persons [etc.], each [should] devote efforts [in one’s right] occupation, for maintaining oneself [and] maintaining [one’s] family as [one’s] basic [responsibility]. According [to one’s] part [and] according [to one’s] best [ability], firmly uphold [mindfulness of Amitabha] Buddha’s name [i.e. Amituofo], [with] determined aspiration [to] seek birth [in his] Western [Pure Land].


All with ability [are] able [to] extend [the doing of] all kinds of good deeds, perhaps [by] providing funding, perhaps [by being] spokespersons, for [them offering] support [or sponsorship]. If not, [to] give rise [to the] mind, [to] accordingly rejoice [for others’ good deeds], also belongs to [the creating of] meritorious virtues [i.e. merits].


With this cultivation [of] fields of blessings, [they] become Supportive Practices [for supporting the Main Practice (正行) of Nianfo], for rebirth [in Pure Land]. Like [sailing] along [the flow of] water [while] raising [the] sail [to catch the “wind” of Amituofo’s other-power (他力)], what more with oars rowing [by exerting self-power (自力), by Main and Supportive Practices to connect to Amituofo, of] you reaching [the] shore [of Pure Land, is this] not more swift?’


Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yinguang
(Reply letter to a certain Ningbo layperson)

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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