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Attainments Offered By Āmítuófó’s (Amitābha Buddha) 48 Great Vows 阿弥陀佛四十八大愿之利益

[1] Liberation from evil paths upon reaching Pure Land.
[2] Liberation from evil paths after leaving Pure Land.
[3] Purest majestic colour.
[4] Equal physical majesty.
[5] Knowledge of innumerable past lives.
[6] Sight of innumerable Buddha lands.
[7] Hearing of innumerable Buddhas’ teachings.
[8] Knowledge of thoughts of beings in innumerable Buddha lands.
[9] Swift travel to innumerable Buddha lands.
[10] Liberation from attachment to self.
[11] Right Definite Assembly for Buddhahood.
[12] Immeasurable blessings from light everywhere.

[13] Immeasurable blessings for all time.
[14] Birth in Pure Land for immeasurable Sravakas.
[15] Immeasurable lifespan that can be shortened as wished.
[16] Liberation from all evil influences.
[17] Knowledge, recommendation and confidence of Amituofo’s most excellent vows and Pure Land through all Buddhas.
[18] Birth in Pure Land with ten mindful thoughts of sincere faith and aspiration.
[19] Reception and guidance for birth in Pure Land for those with Bodhicitta, cultivation of meritorious virtues and sincere aspiration.
[20] Birth in Pure Land with continual mindfulness, planting of virtuous roots and sincere dedication.
[21] Great human’s forms.
[22] Buddhahood in next life and ease to most greatly practise the Bodhisattva path anywhere.
[23] Ability to swiftly make offerings to all Buddhas.
[24] Ability to make offerings as desired to all Buddhas.

[25] Ability to expound complete wisdom.
[26] Indestructible and strong body.
[27] Life with immeasurable pure and excellent adornments.
[28] Dharma knowledge and insight from Bodhi tree.
[29] Wisdom and eloquence.
[30] Unlimited wisdom and eloquence.
[31] Clear sight of all Buddha lands.
[32] Inspiration by sight and smell to cultivate Buddhas’ practices.
[33] Physical and mental peace and bliss by light.
[34] Non-Arising Of Dharmas’ Forbearance and all dharanis.
[35] Liberation from female body.
[36] Constant pure practices until Buddhahood.

[37] Respect by all gods and humans.
[38] Immediate wonderful clothing.
[39] Happiness and bliss similar to Arhats.
[40] Immediate sight of all Buddha lands.
[41] Majestic and complete sense faculties.
[42] Samadhi Of Pure Liberation to swiftly make offerings to all Buddhas.
[43] Honourable rebirth.
[44] Complete virtuous roots.
[45] Samadhi Of Universal Equality for sight of all Buddhas.
[46] Hearing the Dharma as desired.
[47] Non-retrogressive progress towards Buddhahood.
[48] All Dharma Forbearances and non-retrogressive realisation of all Dharma teachings.

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