Should An Ancestral Tablet Be Placed Here Or There?

Question: Can a deceased married woman’s tablet be placed next to her late parents?

Answer: There is no problem with this, as all are family in the many rounds of rebirth, whether ‘married off’ or not. Remember – the tablet is not an absolute must. It is like a more portable gravestone, as a focal point for prayers and commemoration; not supposed to be her resting place. The deceased should be urged to be reborn in Pure Land, especially within 49 days. Instructions on this can be seen at https://purelanders.com/2015/12/30/important-guidelines-3-after-dying-pure-land-passport-section-4c More on this will be shared in this course: http://thedailyenlightenment.com/?s=destination+pureland+run

Question: Can her tablet be placed next to her late divorced husband?

Answer: Although, as above, she is likely to be reborn elsewhere soon if not already, however, in case her consciousness is still around, her tablet should not be placed with another who represents one whom she might have aversion towards. This might give rise to displeasure, making it more difficult to practise well and in time to reach Pure Land. The tablet can simply be placed alone, among strangers’ or at home too, unless there were particular expectations when alive.

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