How To Attain Great Peace? 如何得大安?


阿弥陀佛 – 

With Faith and Aspiration uphold the name 
of ‘Amituofo’ [Amita(bha) Buddha],
whom for all sentient beings with fears,
offers great peace [and bliss].

Note: ‘For all with fears, [I shall] offer great peace’ (一切恐惧,为作大安) is a quote from the Immeasurable Life Sutra (无量寿经), spoken when Dharmakara Bodhisattva (法藏菩萨), who later became Amituofo, expressed his aspiration to offer all beings great peace (before and towards the greatest peace of enlightenment), via ways he then expressed in detail through his 48 great vows.

Here highlighting the essence of the easiest way to connect to him, his 18th Vow states that those who uphold his name sincerely with Faith and Aspiration will be able reach his Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, where the greatest bliss of enlightenment is assured. Even before reaching his Pure Land, peace and bliss can be experienced when sincerely mindful of his name.

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