When Should I Nianfo (Be Mindful of The Name Of Amituofo)?

Question: When should I practise mindfulness of Amituofo (Amitabha Buddha) and recollection of his Pure Land? 

Answer: After adequate learning of the principles, practice should be done as soon, regularly, diligently and sincerely as possible. As we have been habitually attached to our false sense of self (egos) and place of refuge (here) for way too long in many past lives, it is important to recondition ourselves towards liberation now.

There should be a sense of urgency since death will surely occur at some time and it might occur at any time. Recollection of Pure Land should be done at least once a while by reading, chanting or studying the Pure Land sutras, so as to motivate mindfulness of the name of Amituofo, which should be done every day till Pure Land is eventually reached. The verses below further explain the need for swift and sustainable practice.



Verse On When To Be Buddha

Not being mindful of Amituofo,*
is to be attached to the false self.**
With thought to thought only of this false self,
when will you truly become a Buddha?***
– Stonepeace

* The shortest version of Amituofo’s (Amitabha Buddha) name is ‘Amita’ (阿弥陀), which is a supreme mantra for advancing towards Buddhahood: https://purelanders.com/2011/12/16/the-name-of-amituofo-is-the-supreme-mantra Usually, his name and title are chantedtogether in practice – ‘Amituofo’ (阿弥陀佛). ** Clung to in terms of the changing (and unsubstantial) five aggregates of form, feeling, perception, volition and consciousness. *** Buddhahood represents our true self (真我), with Buddha-nature fully realised. As Amituofo has realised Buddhahood, his name represents our same goal.



Verse On When To Be Born In Pure Land

Not recollecting about the Land Of Ultimate Bliss,*
is to be attached to the Saha World.**
With thought to thought only of this Saha World,
when will you be born in the Buddha Land?***
– Stonepeace

* Amituofo’s Pure Land’s excellent attributes for non-retrogressible progress to Buddhahood. ** Where there is much endurance of suffering. *** Amituofo’s Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss

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  • I have been a Pureland Buddhist for over 20 years… I owe so much to my teacher… _/|\_ _/|\_ _/|\_ Xie xie ni Shifu… I now have so much peace. Namo Amituofo daily… _/|\_

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