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What Pure Land Is (Not)

Part 1: What Pure Land Is Not

Don’t tell me (or anyone else)
that Pure Land is
ONLY here and now,
because what we see
in this world here and now are…

The recurring ‘natural’ disasters of
earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, hurricanes…
and the endless man-made disasters of
murder, theft, rape, deceit, corruption, torture, exploitation,
slavery, poverty, starvation, wars, pollution, ‘accidents’…

Don’t tell me (or anyone else)
that your brief seconds of
having some peace of mind
in a secluded air-conditioned retreat centre
is really Pure Land, while others suffer.

Don’t misrepresent the Buddha,
for such is not any Pure Land
taught by any Buddha
in any sutra at all.
Don’t miss the TRUE Pure Land.

Without TRUE Faith, Aspiration and Practice
to reach the TRUE Pure Land,
you will never experience it –
the land that is purity itself,
of the Triple Gem (of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha).

Part 2: What Pure Land Is

The TRUE Pure Land is
only here and now
when you are there later,
when you attain birth there,
free from Samsara here.

The TRUE Pure Land
does not spur the rise
of even the slightest
greed, hatred or delusion,
that are rife in Samsara here.

The TRUE Pure Land
only nurtures the perfection
of all Bodhisattva virtues
of generosity, compassion and wisdom,
that are weak in Samsara here.

The TRUE Pure Land
guarantees the swiftest
non-retrogressive progress to Buddhahood,
without countless obstacles of Samsara here,
which is why you are not yet a Buddha.

The TRUE Pure Land
is free of recurring suffering and its causes,
is full of lasting bliss and its causes,
is where we can learn directly from Buddhas,
on how to return, to transform Samsara to a TRUE Pure Land.

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