Should We ‘Crave’ For Supernormal Powers?

Question: It is said that we should not crave for supernormal (psychic) powers in this life. However, these powers are made available to us by Amituofo (Amitabha Buddha) when we reach his Pure Land. Thus, if we wish to reach Pure Land because we are hoping to get these powers, is this not wrong?

Answer: Wanting such powers here and now in Samsara is almost always based on the three poisons (greed, hatred and delusion) to some extent due to our strong negative habitual forces. With such powers, they are likely to magnify these poisons when we abuse them for selfish reasons.

This contrasts having the powers there and then in Pure Land due to empowerment by Amituofo. There, usage of these powers will always be based on the opposites of the three poisons (generosity, compassion and wisdom) due to its spiritually conducive environment, that does not spur the rise of the poisons, while only further nurturing their antidotes.

The powers there will only be used to further and expedite our accumulation of merits and wisdom to advance towards Buddhahood. Even if there is some subtle craving for such powers now, this is based on our current defiled mentality, which will be suspended and eventually eradicated when we reach Pure Land. In the mean time, there is no need to crave for these powers here and now in Samsara, or for there and then in Pure Land at all.

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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