Two True Stories Of RIP In Our Time

Here are two true Taiwanese cases of RIP (Rebirth In Pure Land) to share, as gathered from a Dharma talk:

The Old Lady Without Time To Bathe

During a seven-day Pure Land retreat (Foqi), participants who sat near an old lady were disturbed, not by her loud chanting (nianfo), but by the unpleasant smell from her. A few requested the retreat master to tell her to go home and bathe. To that, she merely replied, ‘I don’t have the time to bathe’.

During the last (incense) session on the last day of the retreat, when it was time to circumambulate the Buddha image, she didn’t get up to do so. Everyone thought she was probably too tired as she was indeed very diligent in her nianfo. Thus, they went on to complete the session while she stayed put.

Nearing the end of whole retreat, there was an unusual smell; not the original unpleasant smell – from the same old lady. It was truly ‘extraordinary fragrance that filled the hall’ (异香滿堂). They realised she had passed on.

The Man With Unwavering Faith, Aspiration & Practice

A man made it rich by operating a chain of alcohol businesses. After he learnt the Dharma and committed to the precepts, he terminated them. Anyway, he had enough wealth to last till old age.

However, he soon contracted cancer. His friends began to give their discouraging two cents worth by saying things like, ‘See what happened after you became a Buddhist?’ etc., and even suggested that he should stop being Buddhist, and stop learning the Dharma. He ignored them and continued to nianfo.

Not long later, another disaster occurred. His house was burnt down in a sudden fire. This time, even his wife reacted strongly. She chided him for placing his faith in the Triple Gems, saying, ‘学佛学到这样,都沒有被保佑你’. But, he continued to nianfo faithfully. At the time of his passing, Amituofo came to receive him. [I always wondered if my faith is certain and my aspiration is deep enough (信切愿深). This sets a very good example.]

Amituofo, Vyvian


    • As in the article, Amituofo came to receive him at the time of his passing. This is usually known by one or both of these ways – He himself says so, calmly and clearly, and/or others (such as support-chanters) around see Amituofo come too. The first way of knowing especially, is common. Namo Amituofo

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