The Ten Faiths 十信


[1] First, [is] Faith [that with] birth, [there] definitely [will] be death.     
(Universally, of [all] under [the] heavens, from ancient [times] until today, [never] before [is there] one human [who] attained escape.)


[2] Second, [is] Faith [that] human life [is] impermanent. 
([The] exhaling breath although exists, [the] inhaling breath [is] difficult [to] guarantee. [When] one breath [does] not come, [it] immediately becomes [the] next life.)


[3] Third, [is] Faith [that] rebirth’s path [is] dangerous.
([With the] difference of one thought, then falling [into] evil realms. [Those who] attain [the] human body [are few], like dirt in [the] nails. [Those who] lose [the] human body [are many], like [the] great earth’s dirt.)


[4] Fourth, [is] Faith [that] suffering realms’ durations [are] long.
([In the] three paths once [with] retribution, [is] five thousand kalpas. Emerging again [to attain the human body], when [will it] be?)


[5] Fifth, [is] Faith [that the] Buddhas’ words [are] not false.      
(These sun [and] moon can [be] enabled [to] fall, [and the] Wonderful High Mountain King [i.e. Mount Sumeru] can [be] caused [to] collapse [and] shake, [but] all that [the] Buddhas [have] said [will] not have differences.)


[6] Sixth, [is] Faith [that there] truly is Pure Land. 
(Like [the] present Sahā [World Of Endurance of suffering] without difference, [it] certainly does exist.)


[7] Seventh, [is] Faith [that with] Aspiration [to be] born [there] immediately [is] birth.
([Those who] already [aspired], presently [and in the] future aspire, [are] already [born there], presently [and in the] future born [there. [As the Amitābha] Sūtra has clear words [on this], how [can it] deceive me?)


[8] Eighth, [is] Faith [that with] birth [there] immediately [is] non-retrogression.
([With its] realm supreme [and] conditions powerful, [the] mind [of] retrogression [can]not arise.)


[9] Ninth, [is] Faith [that in] one lifetime [is] accomplishment [of] Buddhahood.
([With] lifespan immeasurable, what matter [can]not [be] accomplished?)


[10] Tenth, [is] Faith [that] dharmas [are] fundamentally mind-only. 
(‘Mind-only’ has [the] two meanings [of] completion [本具足] [and] creation [造作]. Like all dharmas above, all [are in] my mind complete, [and] all [are by] my mind created.)


[With] Faith [in the] Buddhas’ words thus, then creates [the] later four [Faiths].


Not [with] Faith [in the] Buddhas’ words, only creates [the] earlier four [Faiths].


Thus [with] profound Faith [in the] Buddhas’ words, immediately [is with] profound Faith [in] oneself’s mind’s [Buddha-nature].

修净业者,能具此十种信心,其乐土之生, 如操左卷而取故物,夫何难之有?

[For] those [who] cultivate pure karma, [who are] able [to be] complete [with]] these ten kinds [of] Faiths, of [their] births [in] that Land [Of Ultimate] Bliss, like holding [the] left scroll to obtain [a] former item, of what difficulty is [there]?

[Note: In ancient China, there are agreements that when a left scroll can be aligned (or matched) with a right one held by another party, this guarantees that an item withheld by the latter will be returned to the first. Thus, ‘like holding the left scroll to obtain a former item’ is an analogy of holding on to Niànfó (Practice of mindfulness of the name of Amitābha Buddha – ‘Āmítuófó’) being what guarantees great confidence and ease of attaining birth in his Pure Land for swift progress towards Buddhahood.]

Pure Land Tradition’s 12th Patriarch Great Master Chèwù
Chán Master Chèwù’s Collected Works : Lower Scroll

Namo Amituofo : Translation and note by Shen Shi’an

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If horrible hells can be created
by an unenlightened being without wisdom or merits,
blissful Pure Lands can be created
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Samsara is sustained
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Pure Lands are sustained
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– Stonepeace

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