How To Increase Focus & Peace By Buddha Mindfulness

Question: My mind is easily affected by external things. How can I be stronger in focusing on Amituofo’s name?

Answer: The answer is already in your question. Instead of dwelling on matters needlessly, dwell only on Amituofo’s name when practising
Buddha mindfulness – in a single-minded and wholehearted way, with as much continuity and as little interruption as possible. Practice does makes perfect eventually, as long as it is regular and determined.

Q: However, I can’t seem to quieten my mind to practise Buddha mindfulness peacefully.

A: There is no need to be very peaceful in order to practise Buddha mindfulness. In fact, it is precisely because we lack peace of mind, that we practise Buddha mindfulness. In other words, practise Buddha mindfulness for more peace of mind; instead of hoping to have peace of mind to practise Buddha mindfulness. Don’t discourage yourself by reversing the cause and effect of the process and goal!

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Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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