Encouraging Buddha Mindfulness In Dreams


Question: I have dreamt of my late Mother on some occasions. Do these dreams have any meaning?

Answer: What happens in the dreams?

Q: I keep dreaming she is in her bed sleeping, and sometimes yawning.

A: How long has it been since her passing? Are there any such happenings in between?

Q: It has been three years without any strange happenings.

As it has been way beyond 49 days, which is the duration in which most communication happens as the person might not be reborn yet, it is more likely that the dreams are due to your attachment, than her giving a dream – as if there are any messages she wished to convey, she should have done so already. Also, as the dreams are repetitive and without communication, which means they might be ‘fixed’ memory footages replaying in your mind.

However, whether it is really her or not, the next time you dream of her, what you can do is talk to her, to encourage her to be mindful of Amituofo along with you in the dream. Ask her to be mindful of Amituofo’s name until she sees Amituofo come to receive her to his Pure Land, which is the most wonderful place with no suffering. You can first summarise the Amitabha Sutra’s teaching for her as a concise introduction too.

If there is genuine interactive dialogue, ask her what she wants and quickly promise to fulfil her wishes if they are possible and ethical. If they are not reasonable, persuade her to let go of his attachments, as they will perpetuate her suffering. Ask her not to worry or let your family worry – and just practise Buddha mindfulness. Tell her that you will all meet her in Pure Land when it is time. Keep doing this each time until the dreams cease. If the dreams are genuinely from her, she will surely benefit. If not, you will have protection and peace of mind too. Either way, this is definitely beneficial!

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