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A Teaching of Great Master Yin Guang


无论在家出家  必须上敬下和
忍人所不能忍  行人所不能行
代人之劳  成人之美
静坐常思己过  闲谈莫论人非

行住坐卧  穿衣吃饭
从朝至暮  从暮至朝
一句佛号  不令间断
或小声念  或默念  除念佛外  不起别念
若或妄念一起  当下就要教他消灭

常生惭愧心及忏悔心  纵有修持
总觉我功夫很浅  不自矜夸
只看好样子  不看坏样子
看一切人都是菩萨  唯我一人实是凡夫
果能依我所说修行  决定可生西方极乐世界!

A Teaching of Great Master Yin Guang

Whether one is a layperson or has left the home-life, one should respect elders and be harmonious to those surrounding him. One should endure what others cannot, and practice what others cannot achieve. One should take others’ difficulties unto oneself and help them succeed in their undertakings. While sitting quietly, one should often reflect upon one’s own faults, and when chatting with friends, one should not discuss the rights and wrongs of others.

In every action one makes, whether dressing or eating, from dawn to dusk and dusk till dawn, one should not cease to recite the Buddha’s name. Aside from Buddha recitation, whether reciting quietly or silently, one should not give rise to other improper thoughts. If wandering thoughts appear, one should immediately dismiss them.

Constantly maintain a humble and repentful heart; even if one has upheld true cultivation, one should still feel one’s practice is shallow and never boast. One should mind one’s own business and not the business of others. Only look to the good examples of others instead of bad ones. One should see oneself as mundane and everyone else as Bodhisattvas. If one can cultivate according to these teachings, one is sure to reach the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

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