Why I Didn’t Promise Her

A friend once asked me
to never forget her,
to remember to ‘save’ her,
to lead her to Pure Land,
should I reach there first.

I didn’t promise her
because me being mindful of her
cannot bring her to Pure Land,
while it is her mindfulness of Amituofo
that can lead her to Pure Land.

Amituofo is already her best friend,
instead of me,
whether she knows this or not.
He already made unshakable vows to help all.
Who am I, an unenlightened fool to compare?

I might not reach there faster.
Please don’t place any ‘bets’ on me.
I won’t place ‘bets’ on her either.
Let us all just be mindful of Amituofo together,
And he will do the rest!

(The author did not promise her friend as the latter wished,
not because she was uncompassionate,
but to remind her of the importance of focusing
on personal practice in accordance with Amituofo’s vows;
instead of becoming complacent due to an unenlightened person’s promise.)

忏悔文 Verse for Repentance

For all the evil deeds I have done in the past
from beginningless greed, hatred and delusion
created by my body, speech and mind
I now before the Buddha, express regret and repentance

回向文 Verse for Sharing of Merits

May the merits thus accumulated
Adorn the Buddha’s Pure Land,
Repay our heavy fourfold gratitude
And alleviate the suffering of the three lower realms
If there are those who see or hear this
May they all give rise to Bodhicitta
And by the end of this retribution body
Be born in the land of bliss together

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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