A Welcome Breather (Testimonial #6)


My thoughts on the three day Pure Land retreat:

This was my first time participating in a retreat, and it was a welcome breather from my mundane life, which is often habitually immersed in many mundane thoughts and concerns.

The conducive environment supported by a strong spiritual energy enabled me to concentrate on reciting Amituofo much better than when I practised at home. I was also surprised to find that the more I chanted, the more I wanted to chant, and the more spiritually energetic I became, tired physically as I was. I had read about this kind of spiritual buoyancy in Pure Land books, but never experienced it till now. It was a motivating experience.

In essence, this structured retreat taught me the importance of instilling discipline in my spiritual practice, in order to progress towards the light. I was lax in my practice before this; on the days that I was tired, I would often drop off to sleep and miss my chanting session. Now I make sure I chant an allocated minimum number of times a day, no matter how tired I am. And like at the retreat, the tiredness fades into the background when I make an effort to focus on Amituofo.

The retreat in itself, while very helpful, was also a great reminder that I must make an effort to chant well each day, and not wait for the next retreat to come round and motivate me all over again.


Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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