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10 Benefits of Pure Land Practice

We shall now describe 10 benefits gained by those who recite “Amitabha Buddha”. They are:

1. The protection of all heavenly gods, day and night.
2. The protection of 25 great Bodhisattvas, including Kuan Yin.
3. The protection and blessings of all Buddhas. Amitabha Buddha shall shed light on you and protect you.
4. No evil ghosts or poison snakes can harm you.
5. Flood, fire, weapons will not harm you. Accidents shall not happen to you.
6. Your past wrong doings, mischiefs and misbehaviors are all eliminated.
7. You will have no nightmares, only peaceful dreams, in which you may also see Amitabha Buddha’s dignified golden image.
8. You will be happy, good looking, energetic, healthy, and successful.
9. You will be respected by other people.
10. Near the end of your life, you will not be afraid and will be in your right mind. The Three Sages of the World of Ultimate Bliss shall have a golden platform for you and lead you to their land. You shall be born there by transformation in a Lotus flower and enjoy utmost happiness and eternal life.

Notice that nine of the ten benefits are to change your present difficult life to a smooth and peaceful one.
The last benefit enables you to escape from the revolving wheel of Birth-and-Death.


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